Website templates to create your own website

Orson allows you to create your own professional website from templates, themes developed in close collaboration with our designers and marketing and Search Engine Optimization(SEO) experts.

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What is a template?

A website template is a set of page templates built from a generic topic or from a profession. Website templates can be pre-built in terms of :

  • structure
  • layout
  • text and image content

In most cases, text content are generic, meaningless or totally empty.

Making a website was difficult at the beginning of Internet since everyone programmed his website on his side and by hand. Everyone did unknowingly, tailor-made. Then CMS, better known as Content Management System, like WordPress, Joomla have emerged and introduced the notion of template.

The goal has therefore changed over time: do all its website yourself. The idea is to reuse the same codebase and then customize what you want, like a lego game.

mobile templates to make your own website

What is a template on Orson website builder?

At Orson, themes were developed with a different philosophy. Designers, SEO and marketing experts have built Orson templates from the best practices of the market to have a professional web design as well as a suitable navigation with text content and astonishing images. The goal is to showcase what you can do with Orson website builder and it can give you inspirations in the process of creating your professional website online.

That's the difference at Orson. Website templates are totally editable and customizable in a few clicks. Your page layout is totally customizable thanks to a grid system that allows you to create 2 columns, 3 columns, 4 columns layout etc.

The contents are also adjustable with a system based on widgets that allows you to add text, images, videos, icons and many more.  Website templates on Orson are also all optimized for search engines.

Colors and fonts are obviously configurable directly in the template design editor.

The colors of the texts, titles and buttons can be customized. You want a specific color? No problem if you know the hexadecimal code of your color (it is a composition of 6 letters and numbers that define a color precisely and which can be used in the set of design or graphic tools). It is also possible to use the color picker.

Our designers have also made a selection of fonts to make your life easier.

Font selection truly covers all graphics environments with Serif and Serif-free fonts, round, thin or thick. The font size of titles and paragraphs is also easily adjustable with an innovative system: an 'S', 'M' or 'L' choice. No need to reflect in pixel and tangle the brushes to make a professional website.

These settings will allow you to make a nice website at your image.

Moreover, no need to install plugin, or install the theme on a server or FTP to run the Orson website templates. They are all set to be used directly in the online Orson website creation software.

Create your website with a template on Orson

Website design templates created on Orson cover all types of websites:

  • Blog

  • Company showcase website

  • E-commerce website

  • Restaurant website

  • Event website

  • Portfolio website

  • Agency website

  • Advanced Online Cv

To start creating a website on Orson, it's intuitive, register with an email and you will be able to select a design template. You will surely find your happiness among these beautiful designs. You can also start from scratch with a blank templates. You can then build the website you want with our grid and widget system based on Drag and Drop.

Do not worry! This choice is not irrevocable, you will be able, thanks to the Orson website templates, to change the theme as you wish.

The contents will be retained and only colors and fonts will change. So you can change your template according to current trends. You can also keep these settings for design changes.

New design website templates are regularly added to the website creation software and these graphic themes are totally free.

Create my own website with a template

Pick a ready-to-use, mobile-ready templates and make it your own by customizing it with your texts and images.

Free 15 day trial - No credit card required

create mobile website

Responsive design templates to make a mobile website

Our templates were designed from the start with a philosophy in mind: mobile first. Indeed, 60% of Internet users are navigating on the web today from a mobile phone. It is therefore essential that a modern site is suitable to be readable and usable on mobile.

Orson allows you to build a responsive design website without worrying about compatibility with desktop computers tablets or mobiles. Orson website templates are also compatible with all new modern web browsers: Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari.

These themes automatically adapt to the size of the screen of any mobiles. With the release of new mobiles or tablets, these themes will also be readjusted.

To go even further in customization

For advanced users, experts such as web agencies or freelancers who work with Orson, you can completely modify the CSS style sheet and even add Javascript or HTML to make animations on your website.

The CSS will overload the CSS of the theme but if you change the theme, it will be kept so be careful of the changes.

A code editor is available with a code highlight, colored language semantics to make your coding easier.

This customization is the responsibility of the user since we have no knowledge of the code that you will put on your website. You will be able to preview your work at any time before publishing in production, this will avoid unnecessary errors.

If you think you need to make your website for a more professional rendering, you can call on the Orson Design Partner. They can bring you a graphic improvement with a much more advanced customization. Orson Partner are selected by us according to their skills and according to the websites they have already made.

All you have to do is to contact them directly and then they will arrange a telephone interview with you to define precisely the final customization you want.