Create a SEO perfect website

Orson Bot is a creation and SEO assistant that will make sure that you
are following the basic SEO rules that will make your website successful as you're building your website.

create a professional website and optimize your SEO

Automatic SEO checking

At every stage of creating your website, Orson Bot will be your SEO assistant and verify that you are following the right rules to be well positioned on Google.

For example, it will check that you have filled the title and description of your web pages and the titles of your image, which are essential for any professional and powerful website.

Generated code, optimized for SEO

Orson Bot ensures that the generated code is optimized for SEO and ensures that you follow the standard rules of W3C and Google forever when publishing your pages. You just have to focus on your content and making your website known to the whole world.

Code gererated optimized for SEO

Create your professional website now

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Sublime your images

To make it easier to build your own website, provides collections of beautiful professionals images for free, directly in the editor. In addition, Orson Bot detects low-quality visuals automatically and after some analysis will suggest gorgeous alternatives. To go along with SEO best practices, your images are automatically compressed by Orson Bot for optimal sizes, fast page loads whilst keeping professional-looking pictures.

Loading time optimized

Loading time optimized websites are fully optimized for fast loading times according to search engine criteria (less than 2 seconds), which will allow your website to be better ranked.

Orson websites are all hosted on Amazon's cloud servers to ensure fast and secure page loads on all media, regardless of the location of the user.

Your website statistics simplified

Orson Bot has simplified your life with an interface that summarizes the main statistics and metrics of your website such as number of visitors,  most visited pages, sources that bring you the most traffic. Rich data to optimize your website and make it more efficient.

your website statistics simplified