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Savory Template

The template "Savory" allows you to create a portfolio or a book online simply and discover your work to the world. Drag and drop your images directly into the editor to create galleries or carousels in just a few clicks. You like? Publish and your website is directly online.

No matter what text or image content you add or modify, your website will always be mobile-friendly.

Create a portfolio, or an online book

The template "Savory" puts your images, illustrations or photos in the foreground with sober and elegant colors. Your work can be presented as a gallery like on Pinterest.
The typography "Overlock" gives a clean style and allows an optimal readability of your texts.




Savory template

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Savory customizable theme

Create a merchant site with the template "Savory" by modifying the content by your texts and images. The layout can be customizable by simply dragging and dropping. With the theme editor, change your colors and typography in just a few clicks. Apply your graphic charter directly with your RGBA or HEXA color codes.
To go even further in customization, you can access the Code module to add Javascript, CSS or HTML as you wish.

Websites made with the Savory template

The Savory template is used by thousands of creative entrepreneurs to present their project to the world.
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